frisch eingetroffen 2011

festival for young performing arts
Every summer, zeitraumexit invites new artists to present their artworks. The new talents are about to start their careers and "frisch eingetroffen" shows a multifaceted programme, ranging from performance and theatre to dance.
In 2011, the eighth "frisch eingetroffen" is about to take place at zeitraumexit, featuring experimental, adventurous artists. Our artists, who are visiting us from all over Europe,  challenge the traditional settings of performing  and try out the opportunities and liberties of Live-Art.
New blood as well as old-timers entering new territory present seven dance productions and performances.
Friday, July 8th, 2011, 8pm
Sirius, mon alter ego
Dance Performance
Choreography / Dance: Kristina Veit (DE) and Pierre-Yves Diacon (CH)
Music: Jam El Mar (ex Jam & Spoon), lighting design: Jochen Göpfert, assistance: Federico J. Canosa
A collaboration of Kristina Veit and Les Mondes Transversaux / Pierre-Yves Diacon.
Two people, a man and a woman, are meeting on stage.  They represent mirrors to each other, on the one hand the preson itself, on the other hand a stranger. They are acting as the opposite gender in another time, in another reality.
The production was supported by the city of Frankfurt/M., Le Canton de Neuchatel, La Ville de Neuchatel, das Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Landungsbrücken Frankfurt, ID_Frankfurt/ Independent Dance, Plattform Sarai.
Weg gewischt
Performance by Silvia Szabo (DE)
The artist shows a classical performance of body art. In a meditative, authentical and bluntly way she creates the total exhausting of the body.
Based on a true Story
Dance Performance by Sandra Wieser (DE) und Mor Demer (IL)
"We are somewhere in the space and situation that we are creating. There are no edified streets, just a desert, four legs and two asses. Nothing that happens is predetermined. Instead of trying to understand the mysteries, we attempt to accept them... Improvisation is not equivalent to freedom. We are not free. Sometimes we are. From time to time, we can feel it. But we have to confront ourselves with the being. All the time. And at the same time, we have to find our opportunities. Make a choice."
Saturday, July 9th, 2011, 8pm
A story about a book
Video-Dance-Performance by Yurie Ido (dance, video) und Tetsuya Hori (music), (JP/DE)
Yurie Ido connects dance and video to live-music by Tetsuya Hori. Together, without speaking, they are telling a story, while leafing through their virtual book, from one page to the other.  
Solo mit
A production by müller***** (DE)
Idea / conception / performance: Elisa Müller
Thanks to Jörg Schiebe and Frank Sievers.
Give me your hand - I'll give you mine. 
A: "Hello, my name is Elisa Müller."
B: Silence.    
A: "I have prepared something for you and I'm happy that you are here."    
B: Silence.
Everything we can imagine is based on our memories. Come and see on your own!
Performance by Stefanie Grubenmann (CH)
The artist attends to the the instinctive corporal sounds. In all their types, harmonic colours and musicalities. What if they are the beginning of any singing?
Dance Performance
Choreography / dance: Simon Tanguy (FR/NL), music: Christoph Scherbaum (DE/NL),
lighting design: Pablo Fontdevila
A production by Theater Hetveem, Amsterdam, NL.
Tanaguy is convinced that everything can stop to exist at any time. In collaboration with the guitar composer Christoph Wilfried Scherbaum, he creates a corporal and poetical vocabulary of death throes, that - comparable to free-jazz - merges the contradictory and destroys unity by radical ruptures.


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