Gabriele Oßwald / Wolfgang Sautermeister English

WORKS 1994 - 2007
Performance, Installation, catalogue release
Friday, October 29th, November 5th 8pm
Admission: 13 € / 6,50 €

Deutsche Version

Exhibition: October 30th – November 5th 2011
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 2pm-6pm, Admission free.

In 1994, our common work began. The very first works were already coined ritually: slowed movements, the enduring of time, repititions. Bodily borderline experiences. Acting with things. Postures. Gestures. Behaviour patterns. Performances in the interior and in the exterior. This part of our artistic work became, besides drawing, painting, teaching and the organization of exhibitions, more and more important. Invitations to performance festivals in Germany and Europe laid the foundation for our international networking. All this led to own events and also to the foundation of zeitraumexit in the course of some years. WORKS presents the time of the common performances: with the reworking of 'Hearing & Watching & Wishing' of 2007, with an installation, with a catalogue.

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