Holy Hearts

Performance by Wolfgang Sautermeister (Premiere)

Deutsche Version

We say about the human:
That we cannot elevate ourselves using our own hands.
That we cannot see our own backs.
That we cannot embrace ourselves.
That we can submit to Art.
That we cannot see our own faces.
That we are intermediates.
That we can, through a simple action, change everything.

At the core of the performance the human is portrayed as In- & Outsider. Among other things, the presentation is inspired by religious, classical and rock music. The performance will be portrayed in an open state. Within execution. As an adventure. Like a dream prior to awakening.

Wolfgang Sautermeister will, for the first time, present a performance in which he himself will not be present on stage. Holy Hearts was created by himself in collaboration with The Complete Group. The Complete Group is composed of laymen, professional artists, the disabled as well as non-disabled. The group does not consist of a fixed arrangement.
Written & directed by: Wolfgang Sautermeister.
Starring: Johannes Duve, Danny Lohmen, Simone Isenmann, Axel Ohnesorge, Silvia Szabo, Stephan Wenzel

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