I'd never eat a soup viciously

Theatre project by Susanne Zaun - Work in progress
Coproduction by zeitraumexit and Mousonturm Frankfurt

Deutsche Version

Are anti-war movies possible at all? Is the evil representable? Susanne Zaun's new theatre project examines the borders of representation, the presentability of the unpresentable: the war movie, its characters and actors. Offenders, victims and "heroes", Adolf Hitler and Lord of Stauffenberg have already found their way into pop culture. They are symbols of the ultimate evil or the generous good. Susanne Zaun's performance asks: Which image do we associate with the evil? Do I have to discover the evil in myself to be able to represent it? Do I have to eat my soup viciously to be able to play Hitler? Do we really get to know something about the evil if we try to impersonate its representatives in detail or is this alleged "authenticity" through the imitation of the historically documented only due to the pathos of consternation?
Out of film sequences, interviews, documentaries, texts by and about actors, there emerge scenes and images, chorical passages and gestic citations.

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