KrüppelNation and VJ Tim Vis English

The Nachtwandel at zeitraumexit
Friday, October 21st and Saturday, October 22nd 2011, beginning 10pm and midnight at each date
Admission: free

Deutsche Version

zeitraumexit participates, as every year, in the block party "Nachtwandel", which takes place in the Jungbusch. This year, Norbert Schwefel's "KrüppelNation" is going to show its sound performance in the Kantine, Tim Vis presents his facade projections in the inner yard and there's going to be a bar in the Kaprow.

KrüppelNation is an electronic project by Norbert Schwefel (vocals & machines) and Volker Langenfelder (film & machines): a Flood of sound, film and performance art about the dark side of city life.

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