Wunder der Prärie | Kick-Off

Informing meeting

Wed, 1st Jul 2015 | 7 pm

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How do artists from Canada come to a festival in Mannheim, Germany? What if a performer tears his trousers two minutes before a performance? How to discreetly smuggle visitors into an ongoing show? How to treat VIPs?
The tasks in the artist's support service of the festival are challenging. The party after a successful presentation is omitted. The atmosphere of Wunder der Prärie unforgettable.
So: Who wants to be part of a very special festival in the late summer? On our information evening the curators and artistic director of zeitraumexit present the festivals programme and explain the duties of honorary artist supervisors (this could be you!).

Wunder der Prärie takes place from 16th – 26th September.

The festival enters the ninth round and we are going to drop out of the common routes! Under the motto “The Foreign” we want to challenge Duration instead of Prime Time: We leave the Festival-Center behind us for growing networks, interconnections and crossings of crisis and catastrophes, transformations and curiosities in the public space.

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